Testimonials and Accolades

Words of Appreciation from Clients

"Having worked with Erin for a number of years, I highly recommend her to any entrepreneur looking to start and grow a business. Her knowledge and experience are a huge asset. She has been an integral part of our organization."

-Jasen Trautwein, DVM, Founder, Pathway Partners and Founder, Veterinary Growth Partners

"Erin is an exceptional business leader whose broad-based expertise includes sales and marketing; statistical, operational, and financial analysis; business development; adult education; and non-profit growth. Erin is valued equally as a strategist and one who can manage all aspects of complex projects. This, and she is a graceful, expert communicator who will represent your organization with the highest integrity. I had the great pleasure of employing Erin on a recent grant project, and every detail from strategic development to final report submission was managed expertly with a remarkable focus on details... ahead of schedule. I give my highest recommendation for Erin." 

- Robert Fulton, PhD, Executive Director, Community College Resource Center, LLC

"Erin is an exceptional problem-solver with a collaborative approach to addressing complex business issues. Having worked with her for several years, I have witnessed her consulting results. Her approach to management consulting is a key differentiator, as she consistently solicits outcome objectives of key stakeholders, establishes goals, facilitates buy-in, and engages clients to take action to achieve results. Her results speak for themselves: thorough, accurate, creative, and results-focused."  

- Shannon Pigott, CVPM, Owner, VetThink, Inc.

"Erin's expertise is extensive and current. She is creative, with terrific ideas, and she implements them impeccably. Erin is trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. Personally, she is affable and congenial and has a quick wit. Erin is a fabulous asset."  

- Cindy Oliphant, Owner, On-The-Block Auction, LLC

"What I love about Erin's editing is she doesn't attempt to change my voice. She always sends recommendations; however, they are just that--recommendations. She has taught me much. I highly recommend Erin for any writing task--small or large. She is wonderful!"  

- Pamela Chapman, Owner, iAscend, LLC

"Erin does great work, in a timely manner, and is easy to work with. I recommend her for her analytical skills and helping to cut through the unnecessary steps that bog any process down."  

- Tammy Mulligan, Executive Director, Denver Urban Ministries

"I have found Erin is high energy, focused, and delivery oriented. She is spot-on regarding details, and positive regarding personality. If you need someone to edit your work and don't want to have to worry about the details, I recommend Erin. She will get the job done right and in a timely fashion."  

- Brian Stockman, Executive Vice President, American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

Words of Appreciation from Former Colleagues

"Erin is a great numbers person, but her real strength is strategy. Her mind works at a faster pace than most others, not just generating ideas, but full-blown logistical and operational considerations, including budgets and timelines."

- Gina Nickel, colleague during her tenure as Product Marketing Manager at the American Animal Hospital Association

"Erin is a bright, talented, and focused individual who is committed to the highest quality work and to serving her clients and customers in the most conscientious way. I highly recommend her for her many business skills and for her talents." 

- Linda Lehman-Murphy, supervisor during her tenure as Director of Learning and Development at the American Animal Hospital Association

"Erin is a born leader and always displays professionalism and fairness in all of her dealings with coworkers and clients. She uses her superb organizational skills to manage projects with the utmost detail. Erin's positive attitude makes her a pleasure to be around and work with." 

- Jeanette Moore, direct report during her tenure as Learning and Development Assistant at the American Animal Hospital Association

"Erin is a skilled and caring professional. She has an amazing ability to motivate her team, and she is always seeking the next project to help the company grow and/or expand its products or services. She provides meaningful feedback to teammates and subordinates, which significantly contributes to their individual performance. I recommend Erin as a valuable asset to any organization!" 

- Emily Prascher, colleague during her tenure as Learning and Development Manager at the American Animal Hospital Association

"I would highly recommend Erin. She has excellent leadership skills and successfully grew the AAHA Press department and product line through her hard work, great ideas, and follow-through." 

- Jennifer Mensch, colleague during her tenure as Product Marketing Manager at the American Animal Hospital Association

"Erin is an asset to any company because she is organized, has great ideas, follows through, knows how to get things done, and is fun to work with. Erin has the ability to take an idea and turn it into a functioning, viable, profitable product or service. She has the insight to see and understand the big picture while still having the skills needed to focus on details." 

- Terri Johnson, colleague at the American Animal Hospital Association       

Words of Appreciation from Students

"Erin is a knowledgeable professor, not only in conceptual theory, but in practice application. She continuously models community-building skills of networking, building and leveraging relationships, and conscious use of self." 

- Laura Beann, former student, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver

"Erin is a great professor. She has a lot of knowledge about financial and accounting processes for nonprofits, as well as nonprofit fundraising. Her teaching style was clear, and her sessions kept us engaged. She also requested and responded to feedback on her performance. I would definitely recommend her as a professor." 

- Sarah McGill, former student, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver