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Technical Writing Services

It can be difficult to explain complex ideas in an interesting and simple way. A technical writer can help.

Analyzing Chart

If you deal with medical, scientific, financial, or other complex material, you might find it difficult to translate that language your audience can understand. What's more, it needs to be compelling—even when it's what most people would consider "dry" content.

Sound impossible? You can turn overly complex content into something your reader understands! Team up with me, an experienced technical writer, to transform your technical content and impress your clients.


Here are examples of my deliverables:

  • Complete, accurate, easy-to-follow procedures for oil and gas operators

  • Interesting online course narratives to train new social workers working for a major U.S. city

  • Summaries of new legislation and actions employers must take to comply

A technical writer gathers information from a number of different sources, analyzes it, and breaks it down into more manageable blocks that the reader can understand. Essentially, it's the process of simplifying complex ideas and communicating them in a way that keeps the reader engaged.

I've written and edited technical content for a number of different industries and keep adding new ones to the list. Here are a few:

  • Oil and gas

  • Veterinary science

  • Human healthcare management

  • Environmental health and safety

Let's work together to make your technical content interesting and easy to understand. Request a free, 15-minute strategy planning call and I'll customize a plan for you.

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