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Earn more business with the right words.

Get content writing help and editing services so you can create clear, simple content that impresses your clients.

You can definitely judge a book by its cover.

Words on a page shouldn't keep you from growing your business, but they do. From an email subject line to the figure captions in a technical report, word choice matters.

Your language has to be clear, simple, and consistent. It has to tell a compelling story. It has to be client-focused. Otherwise, your clients will say, "Next!" and move on to the next company that can help them solve their problem.

What's at stake? The sale. Maybe even the future of your business.

There is an easy way to create better content.

You spend valuable time, money, and energy every time you write, whether that's a proposal you send to a prospective client or a technical report you deliver to an existing client. You don't want to waste those resources by producing something that's unclear or not compelling: It's in your best interest to polish those words until they shine.

Let's work together to create content that tells an interesting story, reflects your genius, and is consistent with your brand. You'll win more business and keep clients coming back for more.

How to Get Started

It's easy to take the first step.


1 / Request a call.

Request a free, 15-minute strategy planning call.


2 / Review your plan.

You'll receive a plan with customized options to review and choose from.

Upward Curve

3 / Close more deals.

Watch your business grow as your content improves.

I thought I was delivering quality content, but I'd find mistakes after delivering the product to the client. I worried that I was losing business and weakening my brand. Thanks to Erin, I have a system that turns my writing up to 11! I'm outshining my competition and getting more new and repeat business.

Dan Prascher, Principal at Allied Solutions


Technical Writing Services

Simplify complex ideas for your audience.

Business Writing Help

From emails to blog posts, your content has to be client-focused and aligned with your brand.

Editing Services

Sometimes you need a second opinion or help fine-tuning what you've already written.

About Erin Hart

Turning your content up to 11

For more than 20 years, I've been helping businesses grow by creating compelling content. Not everyone is a good storyteller, and it can be a struggle to find the right words. Whether it's a lead-generating email or a complex technical document, I can help you write better content and impress your clients!

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Request a Call

Send a message and I'll be in touch shortly to schedule a call! We can talk about business writing help and I'll create a customized plan for you with options to review.

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